About Zane Gallery & Training Studio

Zane Gallery & Training Studio is a boutique fitness studio that offers the most innovative blend of fitness and art on the West Coast. 

Reinvent yourself with our integrated program developed by the greatest fitness icon of all time and 3x Mr. Olympia - Frank Zane.  

We are certified Exercise Physiologists and Frank Zane Certified Trainers with over 25 years experience.  We offer private one-on-one training and create a personal exercise prescription based on your specific needs and personal goals.

We're here to help you sculpt your body into a masterpiece!!

Call us at 949-415-8740 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

 Julie Space, Proprietor & Fitness Trainer

As Proprietor of Zane Gallery Julie is responsible for the day to day operations of the training center and art gallery.

Fitness Trainer, Coach, Author and Anti-Aging Specialist
About Julie...
I'm Julie Space, known by many as the queen of reinvention because of my past experience in re-creating my entire life from the ground up and my unique ability to help women re-set their mindset, re-shape their bodies, and re-invent other key areas of their lives.
Over the last five years since I walked away from my corporate VP job and started my own business, I've had the life-altering opportunity to work with and train under one of the greatest fitness icons of our time, Frank Zane, 3x Mr. Olympia.  As a professional Zane Certified Personal Trainer, I have been able to support clients all across the U.S. get in the absolute best shape of their lives.
The LEARN Bodybuilding Program that we teach at Zane Gallery integrates all of the elements that women and couples need to get in the absolute best shape of their lives.
Our LEARN Training program, which uses Frank’s proven methods incorporates strength training, yoga, mantras, meditation, mindset, nutrition tips, and more to help you sculpt the body of your dreams.
In addition to being the proprietor of Zane Gallery, Julie is also west coast representative for www.HostageFilms.coma commercial film production company led creatively by award winning director, cinematographer and photographer, Ruben Latre. Clients include: Samsung, Verizon, Microsoft, Philip Morris, P&G, Travelers Insurance & Pfizer.  Hostage Films traverses the globe making art in the form of commercial production.

About Frank Zane, Founder

Legendary Bodybuilding Champion, Author, Fitness Trainer, Coach and Anti-Aging Expert

Frank Zane has won all of bodybuilding’s major titles including Mr. Olympia (3 Times), Mr. Universe (3 Times), Mr. World and Mr. America. Frank is one of the leading experts on bodybuilding and active aging. He is a world-renowned performance coach and the most highly educated bodybuilding champion.

Frank is considered by many to be an exemplar of aesthetics and physical proportion in the history of the sport. He has been inducted into both the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame and the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame.
No one knows more about bodybuilding and physique development in all of it’s aspects other than Frank Zane. Only three people in the history of professional bodybuilding ever defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Frank is one of them.
Zane is the author of more than 15 books on fitness, nutrition and body building, and offers a variety of personal coaching and training programs as well as training seminars and posing clinics at his studio in San Diego and at Zane Gallery, Laguna Beach.
Frank Zane is a legendary body builder and 3-time Mr. Olympia. He is also a former Mr. America, Mr. World and a 3-time Mr. Universe. An educator by trade, Zane’s passion for fitness dates back nearly 60 years to when he was a teenager growing up in the coal-mining region of Pennsylvania. He believes in the mind-body connection and emphasizes the connection between mental and physical health in his training programs.

Zane also operates a thriving ecommerce online store www.FrankZane.com which features his books, autographed photos, DVDs, Legendary Zane T-shirts, Vitamins and Supplements including Super Sports Amino Acids, Vita-minz, Glutamine, Arginine, fitness equipment including his patented Leg Blaster and his annual magazine, Frank Zane’s Building the Body.